How to Fix Code 30 on Spotify iPhone

How to Fix Code 30 on Spotify iPhone

If you are fond of listening to music and Spotify is your favorite application, but unfortunately, you stumbled upon the roadblock with error code 30 and are now wondering how to fix the error, you are on the right page.

Whether you have a premium plan or are using the application in an accessible mode, you may face this error on your iPhone. But don’t worry! Here we are back again with the complete guide on how to fix code 30 errors on iPhone. 

In this article, we have covered detailed information about error code 30. We have also explained the term ‘Code 30 error’. Not only that, but we have also added the possible reasons for the code 30 errors on Spotify. Identify the causes of the error and implement the solutions below accordingly.

What is Code 30 Error on Spotify?

Error code 30 is one of the most annoying errors you may face while using Spotify on your iPhone. There could be numerous reasons that trigger the error. However, many users have reported that reinstalling the application can fix the issue. 

However, before moving ahead with the simple solutions to fix code 30 on Spotify, let’s look at some of the most common causes behind the error. 

Possible Reasons for Code 30 Errors on Spotify

1) Use of Third Party Application or VPN

If you use any third-party application or VPN server, you might face code 30 errors on your Spotify account on your iPhone. 

2) Difference Between Locations

If you travel frequently and your location changes often, then Snapchat will show you a code 30 error on your device. To fix the issue, you need to change the locations on your application. 

3) Firewall Issues

Sometimes, a strong firewall can create numerous issues on your device. Identify the firewall issues and check if the code 30 error still prevails on your iPhone. 

4) Enable Spotify Proxy Server

If you have enabled the Spotify Proxy mode, it will lead to the error code 30 on your iPhone. If you find the enabled proxy server on your device, go to the settings, look for the proxy option, and tap on the ‘No Proxy’ option. 

Easy Ways to Fix Code 30 Error on Spotify on Your iPhone

1) Turn off the Spotify Proxy Server on Your Desktop

  • Open the Spotify desktop app on your computer. 
  • Now, go to the Account icon and tap on the Settings option. 

  • Scroll down and look for the Proxy Settings. Tap on it. 
  • You will see the Proxy Type and select the ‘No Proxy’ option here. 
  • Finally, click on the Reset App option and reboot the Spotify application. 

2) Remove Third-Party apps and VPN Servers.

Suppose you use third-party applications from an unknown source and use an internet connection via VPN servers. In that case, there is the possibility that you may face code 30 errors on your Spotify account. You need to uninstall the apps and remove the VPN services to eliminate the issue. 

3) Update Spotify Application 

If you are using an outdated Spotify app, it might cause various issues in your overall user experience. You can update the Spotify application on your iPhone with the help of the steps below. 

  • Go to the App Store from the Home Screen or App Library. 
  • Now, type Spotify in the search bar and hit the search button.
  • Here, you will see an Update option beside the Spotify icon. 

  • Update the application and log in to your Spotify account using your username and password.
  • Check whether the code 30 error on Spotify persists or not.

4) Clear Cache Files and Reinstall the Spotify Application 

Even after updating the application, if the issue persists, you should uninstall and reinstall it to fix the code 30 error on your Spotify app. Reinstalling the application will remove the user’s cache, and in return, you can quickly resolve the code 30 errors on your device. 

  • Open the Spotify app on your iPhone.
  • Go to the Settings and Privacy option.
  • Tap on the Storage and clear cache files on the application.

  • Head to the iPhone’s settings and tap on the General option.
  • Tap on the iPhone Storage option, select the Spotify app, and tap the Delete App option.
  • Now restart your device and go to the App Store > Spotify.
  • Finally, tap on the Get option and install the Spotify app on your device.

5) Edit Your Country Location 

Follow the steps below to edit your country location so that you can get rid of code 30 errors. 

  • Go to the Spotify application. 
  • Tap on the Home icon from the bottom left side. 
  • Now, go to the Account Overview and tap the Edit profile option. 
  • Tap on the Country or Region option and edit the preferred location. 
  • Tap on the Save profile and confirm the changes. 
  • Finally, open the app and check whether the issue is resolved. 

Final Thoughts 

So that’s all readers! Finally, here we are at the conclusion of this article, and now you have covered detailed information on how to fix code 30 on Spotify. Hopefully, the methods mentioned above have helped you eliminate the issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How Do I Fix Error Code 30 on Spotify?

Many ways can help you to fix the code 30 error on Spotify on your iPhone. You can disable the third-party VPN to fix the error. Not only that, but you can also exempt the Spotify app from the Firewall to get rid of the issue. 

  • Why is Spotify Not Working on iPhone?

Your device may get affected due to physical damage, or if there is any storage issue on your device, then there are chances that you may face frequent crashing problems with Spotify and other apps. 

  • Can I Reset My Spotify Algorithm?

If you find your Spotify account doesn’t resonate with your vibes and mood and want to change the recommendations, then you must create a new Spotify account. Start listening to your favorite songs; eventually, you will receive new recommendations. 

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