How to Enable and Configure Push to Talk feature in Discord

Sitting in a room full of kiosks and using Discord simultaneously is quite a hassle. You often need to turn on and turn off the mic conveniently. Besides, if you or someone else’s headphones from the community do not support Active Noise Cancellation, your squad misses out on their gaming experience. So, Discord has the Push-to-talk feature that you can activate via shortcuts, speak up and release when required. If you are wondering how to enable, disable, and configure Discord Push to Talk on Mobile and Computer, then we have covered you all!

Discord is the favourite community for gamers. You can enjoy multiplayer games, communicate via voice calls, and lots more. It’s the software that’s available for both computers and mobile phones, so their methods vary.

How to Enable Discord Push to Talk Feature on PC?

You can use Discord on your Computer in two ways. Either you can use the desktop application or check out through the web. The difference lies in features, as you have limited features when you use them in a web browser.

  • Head over to the Discord App.
  • Tap on the Discord icon on the top-left side.
  • In it, navigate to Settings.
  • Beneath App Settings, click on Voice and Video.
  • Now, in voice Settings, below Input Mode, tap on the Push to Talk checkbox to enable it.
  • Below that, in the Shortcut option, dedicate a button that will instantly start the Push To Talk service while you give the command.
  • Now, press the Stop Recording button and select a key.

Now, you are all set to enable Discord PTT. Besides, the Voice and Video Settings let you enhance your sound settings. You can navigate the Keybinds tab to assign several buttons for the activating Push-to-Talk (PTT) feature. Let’s explore how!

How to Set up Discord Push to Talk Feature on Computer?

Playing games is not fun until you play different games. Enabling Discord is necessary, but setting up Push-to-talk is also essential if you play several games. You can adjust the PTT activation and deactivation delay, set several keys for it that are required while playing different games and so on!

  • Open Discord Settings.
  • Beneath App Settings, go to Keybind.
  • Click on Edit Keybind.
  • Press the Add a Keybind button.
  • Select another option Push to Talk.
  • Besides the Keybind, choose the Record Keybind button.
  • Afterward, assign the key that will activate PTT.
  • Now click on Stop Recording to save your settings.

Further, go back to Settings and open the Voice and Video section. Under the Push to Talk section, adjust the slider. The slider sets the time that Discord will take to execute changes after you give the command by the assigned key.

How to Turn off Push to Talk in Discord on Computer?

Disabling Discord PTT when required is as necessary as enabling. Sometimes, you must speak continuously and cannot hold on to PTT for long. Moreover, if you have no interruptions, it’s the wisest option to disable Discord on your computer.

  • Go to Discord and click on the Gear icon to open its Settings.
  • At the bottom left side, under App Settings, go to Voice and Video.
  • Now, Voice Settings opens.
  • Under Input Mode, click to uncheck the Push to Talk checkbox.
  • Close the menu to save your Settings.

How to Turn on, Turn off, and Setting up Discord Push to Talk on Mobile?

Discord is a great and flexible application. With its desktop version, web application, and mobile app for Android and iOS, it lets everyone be a part of their community and interact without the limitations of devices. Thus, it provides flexibility for gamers and ensures a more interactive community.

How to Enable and Disable Discord Push to Talk Feature on an Android

If you are an avid mobile gamer who likes to play games conveniently, then you would use Discord for Android. With a wide variety of games from the Play Store, your phone is no less than a modern gaming console. However, without Discord, you can never get a fun and competitive gaming experience. Besides, the PTT feature is incredible yet essential to connecting with your community.

  • Launch the Discord mobile app.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines icon to open the menu.
  • Now tap on Settings.
  • Beneath App Settings, navigate to Voice and Video.
  • Tap on Input Mode, and two options appear,
  • Select Push to Talk.
  • Now, exit from the Input Mode to save your Settings.

However, you cannot delay the PTT command via the smartphone app. Now, the PTT icon pops up on the screen. Tap hold on anytime you want to speak or stop and re-release the icon.

To disable the PTT feature on an Android, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Discord menu.
  • Head over to its Settings.
  • Go to Voice and Video Settings.
  • Tap hold the Input Mode; two options will appear: select Voice Activity.
  • Close the menu.

Your Discord Settings will be saved.

How to Enable, Configure, and Disable Discord Push to Talk on iOS

The iOS Discord app is somewhat different from Android, and its importance cannot be neglected. With the speed of the iPhone, mobile gaming becomes ultimate fun, and with Discord features, you feel no less than a pro gamer. But using Discord without Push-to-talk would give you the FOMO, and here’s where we will help you connect with other gamers!

Follow the steps given below to Enable, Disable and Configure Discord Settings on Discord iOS:

  • Launch the Discord app for iOS.
  • Open Discord Settings.
  • Beneath App Settings, tap on Voice.
  • Tap on Input Mode, and two options appear; select Push to Talk to enable Discord on your iOS Device.
  • Similarly, to disable Discord PTT, in the Input Mode, tap on Voice Activity.

There are no specific settings to set up Discord on a mobile app for iPhone and iPad. So, when you enable the PTT button pops us on the screen. Whenever you require, you can tap-hold on the button to talk while leaving the button to stop.

Final Words

Were you thinking of how to enable, disable, and configure Discord Push to talk on mobile and computer? Then you have got your answer! The processes for computers and mobile and even that of Android and iOS. Computers let you do everything. Mobile apps do not let you ultimately set up the Discord PTT as per your customizations. Yet, both have different roles and are essential depending on your gaming choices!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Discord PTT work while muted?

When you have not given a command by the dedicated PTT key, the mic is always muted. Press hold the key till the time you are speaking and release it when over. The mic will be unused only if you are pressing the key.

How do Web Version and Desktop Version of Discord differ?

Not all browsers let you use the Push to talk feature on them; only specific browsers do. Besides, to use it in the browser, you must keep the tab open; otherwise, Discord will not work.

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