How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Back of an iPhone?

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Back of an iPhone?

So your iPhone got physical damage, and the back glass cracked severely, and now you are looking for the cost of repairing it. Then here we have got your back. Read this article completely to get the approximate repair cost of the latest iPhone series. 

Moreover, we have added simple yet essential tips that you can follow to avoid further physical and liquid damage to your screen. So, let’s get started without spending much time on the introduction. 

Repair Cost For iPhone Back According to Different Models

Here, we have added the approximate cost you may need to pay while fixing the back of an iPhone. 

iPhone Model Pro Max Pro Plus Standard Mini
iPhone 11 $129 $129 $129 $129 $129
iPhone 12 $149 $149 $149 $149 $149
iPhone 13 $169 $169 $169 $169 $169
iPhone 14 $173 $192 $157 $144 $129
iPhone 15 $199 $199 $199 $199 $199

Tips to Avoid Cracks on iPhone Screen Display and Back Glass

So, until now, we have provided brief details about the iPhone’s repair cost. However, here we have added simple tips to help you prevent cracks on the iPhone back glass. 

1) Use Strong Phone Case 

The first thing you can use to avoid cracks and damage on your iPhone display and back glass is to purchase a solid protective phone case. Accessories often help you to prevent the damage caused by water damage and accidental drops. 

2) iPhone Back Glass Replacement

If you have faced severe damage on the iPhone back glass and display due to hardware damage, you should contact the authentic repair stores and get your iPhone replaced. 

3) Use Screen Protector

Similar to the phone case, you should also use a screen protector to prevent your iPhone from getting screen damage. 

4) Get Your iPhone Serviced.

If you recently purchased a new iPhone but unfortunately slipped out of your hand or pocket. If it hits a hard surface, visit a nearby Apple store and get your iPhone serviced or replaced if it requires a warranty period.

5) Contact the Apple Support Team 

If you have gotten your iPhone repaired but still find software glitches or the back glass still needs to be fixed, then you should contact Apple authorized representatives. 


So that’s all users! Here, we have highlighted detailed information on how much you must pay to repair your iPhone. However, you should also ensure that the serviceman is proficient at opening the iPhone back glass; otherwise, it will create other issues. 

Lastly, the above-mentioned prices depend on various factors such as demographic areas, the amount of damage, and many others. Moreover, you can also prevent physical water damage by using a protective phone case and screen protector.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can You Repair the Back of an iPhone?

You can use many ways to fix the back of an iPhone. However, we recommend you visit the nearby Apple store and explain the problem. DIY can repair the damage, but don’t try them until and unless you are an expert, as it may further damage your iPhone and cost you more than you expect. 

  • Which iPhone Has Glass Back?

Apple devices, including iPhone 4, iPhone 8, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and iPhone 15 series comes with a glass back. 

  • Which iPhone Breaks Easily?

Apple has been delivering premium quality devices, and you can’t break the iPhone with bare minimum pressure. However, if you intentionally bent the iPhone or put it under extreme pressure, you may easily break it.

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