How to Add and Unfriend Someone on Discord Mobile and PC

How about a Discord community where some of your friends spam, do not share useful stuff or do not talk, or abuse you in texts? Well, if anything such is the case, then it’s high time you should unfriend them. If you are looking for how to Add and Unfriend Someone on Discord server, then we have you covered!

Discord increased among gamers as it allows them to interact while gaming. Gradually, Discord popularised as a social media platform. You can create channels, share related content, set up meetings, chat, enjoy multi-player gaming, and lots more! With an increasing number of users, Discord is now saturated; hence, unfriending is often required if there’s anything wrong!

How to add someone in Discord on Mobile and PC?

Using Discord, you can expand your community with quality friends. To do so, you should know how to add someone on Discord!

  • Head over to Discord on the mobile app or its official website.
  • Go to Discord Home and click on Friends.
  • Navigate to Add Friend button on the top of your device screen.
  • When you come across a person you wish to have as a friend, click on the Add Friend Button.
  • Now, press the Send Friend Request button.

You can send friend request to add someone on Discord. However, the person will be added when they accept your request.

How to Unfriend Someone from Discord Mobile App?

Mobile gaming lets you play portable and provides greater access to controls than what the keyboard of your PC does. So if you are a mobile gamer and enjoy seamless community connection on the go, then the Discord Mobile app would be your ultimate choice. However, if your friend in the community shares something you are not interested in or the other person is toxic, you would like to unfriend the person!

  • Open the Discord app from your Device.
  • At the top-right side of the app, tap on the three horizontal lines icon to open the menu.
  • Now, go to Message from the menu.
  • Your Discord Friend list will open. Head over to the person you want to unfriend.
  • Tap on their profile picture and click on the three-ellipses icon on another screen that opens.
  • A drop-down menu appears; select the Remove Friend option.

If you are not a mobile gamer and enjoy a PC, then Discord for Desktop is your call!

How to Unfriend person on Discord on PC?

You will enjoy playing games on your PC if you are a hardcore gamer. You would use Discord on the computer to add a fun-to-do element and connect with the gaming community. However, often you would want to remove someone unwanted, significantly when they do not add any value, you know them personally.

  • Head over to the official website of Discord.
  • Press the Login button and enter your account details.
  • Press the Login once more, and the Discord Home Screen will open.
  • Go to the Home icon on the top-left corner of the monitor.
  • A drop-down menu appears; select the Friends option.
  • Your friend list will open; navigate to the All section to head over to the complete list.
  • Click on your Discord friend to be unfriended.
  • Another drop-down menu will appear, select the Remove Friend option.
  • Now, a prompt box will open to proceed with your action and choose the Remove Friend action again.

Discord is a fun way to stay connected with your squad on the go, especially if you are an avid gamer. It is noteworthy that if you remove a friend from your Discord friend list, all their information will also be removed. The best part is that they will not be notified that you have removed them. Also, if you share a common server, you will no longer see their updates and messages.

How to Know if Someone has Unfriended you on Discord?

When you do not find one of your friends in the Discord friend list, you should check it twice. The person will be on your friend list, and you find them by searching with their username. If not, then the person may have blocked or unfriended you! Coming with someone who blocks or unfriends you does not make sense. Yet, before initiating a reaction, search for username on Discord. They have unfriended you if it appears but is not on your friend list. However, if you do not find them on the platform, they will have blocked you or deleted their account.

How to mute other person from Discord Server?

Another way to unfriend someone is to mute them on Discord. If you do not know how it works, scroll down to read more!

  • Open Discord on your device or head over to the website.
  • Log in using your account details.
  • If you share a server with the person you want to unfriend, then open it.
  • However, if you do not share a server, then in the search bar, type username.
  • Go to their profile if you use a mobile app or right-click on their profile icon if you have a PC.
  • A drop-down menu appears, then select Mute.

Further, if you use the Discord app, swipe left after muting and Tap on Notification. You can choose the time for which you want to unmute them. As you stop receiving messages and updates in notifications, thus it works similar to unfriend but retains all the person’s data.

Final Words

If you were looking for how to unfriend people on Discord, then you have your answer now! You can do it on your Android, iPhone, Computer, and lots more that delete the other person’s data. To avoid this, you can mute them and thus stop receiving updates that are similar to Unfriend. Besides, it would help if you knew how to unfriend someone and add more friends.

If you have any queries, do let us know in the comments below!

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