How to Fix Decreasing Battery Issues While Charging iPhone

How to Fix Decreasing Battery Issues While Charging iPhone

Are you encountering a battery percentage decrease while charging your iPhone? Or you can’t charge your iPhone completely? Then, you face some of the common problems with iPhone devices. 

The reason behind this error can be anything, like high temperature, too many apps and tools running in the background, poor battery health, inappropriate system settings, or an outdated version of iOS.

Fortunately, you can fix the issue without spending much money and saving time. Know how to fix decreasing battery while charging your iPhone, then read this article to get all the necessary tips to fix the issue. 

Why My iPhone’s Battery Keep Draining While Charging? – Common Factors 

Before directly jumping onto the fixes, let’s quickly look at some common factors that can trigger a draining battery percentage while charging an iPhone. When you know the reason behind the causes, you can fix the cause easily. Here is a list of some common reasons behind iPhone battery draining issues. 

1) Too Many Apps Running in the Background

It is one of the most common reasons behind almost every lagging and draining issue of electronic devices. Excessive load on the system may hinder the smooth functionalities and create hectic user issues.

If you run multiple apps, games, and tools simultaneously, you may face a decreasing battery percentage issue in your iPhone. 

2) Damaged Charging Cable or Wall Outlet 

Apart from multiple apps running in the background, you may encounter this issue if you are using a damaged or duplicate charging cable. Not only that but sometimes faulty power outlets and plugin sockets can also hinder the power supply to the devices.

3) Screen Brightness and High Volume 

Many users are habitual in keeping high brightness and total volume, so the system needs more energy to function well and uses more battery than usual. Higher battery and total volume put extra strain on the battery and thus you may face decreasing battery while charging your iPhone. 

4) Software Glitches

If you check all the above steps and can’t figure out the exact cause behind the issue, it may hide behind internal damages such as bugs, and software glitches. Also, sometimes an outdated version of your iOS may lead to such problems. 

Easy Tips to Fix Decreasing Battery While Charging iPhone

Once you have gone through the above-mentioned reasons, it’s time to fix the issue on your device. Try the mentioned quick tips to fix decreasing battery percentage while charging your iPhone. 

1) Avoid Multitasking 

As mentioned above, if you are using too many applications on your device simultaneously, it can create various issues on your device, and battery draining is surely one of them. It’s always better to clean up the space so an active app or tool can run effectively. 

You can remove the apps and games running in the background from the recent app section and once you are done with that, restart your iPhone and check whether the problem is resolved. 

2) Enable Airplane Mode While Charging Your iPhone 

Restarting any device can fix minor issues within a couple of minutes. However, if your iPhone keeps lagging in maintaining good battery health, and it starts annoying you, keep it in a relatively cool place to charge. Make sure you avoid using your iPhone while charging. You can temporarily enable Airplane mode to turn off the internal system. 

3) Toggle On Low Power Mode to Fix Decreasing Battery Issue 

Enabling Low Power Mode can help you improve battery life. However, it is also helpful while charging your iPhone. Before plugging–in your device, you can toggle on Low Power Mode to save battery life. Follow the below-mentioned steps to enable Low Power Mode on your iPhone. 

  • Unlock your iPhone and Slide the Control Centre from the top right corner of your iPhone. 
  • Here, you will see a battery icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the icon. 
  • When you toggle the icon, it will turn yellow and activate. After a while, you can turn off the low-power mode by following the same steps. 

4) Check Cable Quality and Use a Fast Charger 

Sometimes, a faulty cable or adapter may raise the battery issue on your iPhone, hindering the correct power supply. Not only chargers and cable but sometimes poor connectivity in the wall outlets can also cause the issue of decreasing battery percentage while charging an iPhone. In addition, if you are using an Apple-certified adapter and cable, you are less likely to face the issue. 

5) Turn Off the Optimized Charging Option 

Apart from the cable and adapter, you should also ensure that you have disabled the Optimized Charging Option on your iPhone. The Optimized Charging Option can help you save battery life, but you can still turn off the feature to fix the issue. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to turn off the Optimized Battery Option on your iPhone.

  • Go to the Settings on your device. 
  • Scroll Down and Tap on the Battery option on your iPhone. 
  • Now, tap on the Battery Health and Charging option. 
  • Here, you will see an Optimized Battery Charging option. Tap on it to disable the option. 

6) Update iOS on Your iPhone 

If your iPhone runs on an outdated iOS version, it can create numerous issues while using the device. You may face inappropriate behavior in the running apps, such as sudden crashing, lagging, and decreasing battery issues on iPhone, etc. You may even face a decreasing battery while charging your iPhone. 

Here’s how you can update iOS on your device to fix the battery issue. 

  • Open Settings on your iPhone and Tap on the General option. 
  • Now, tap on Software Updates and look for the pending updates. 

  • If you see any pending updates, download and install them by following the instructions. 
  • Finally, once you install the latest iOS version on your iPhone, reboot your device and check if the issue is being solved. 

7) Check Battery Health

Even after following the above-mentioned methods, you should check the battery health if you are still encountering the issue. Sometimes if you have an old iPhone, then you may face challenges. 

Here’s how to check your iPhone’s battery health and other insights. 

  • Go to Settings from the Home Screen or App Library on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and choose the Battery option. 
  • Now click on the Battery Health and Charging option and check the maximum capacity percentage of the device. 


Finally, we have covered all the tips you should know while fixing the decreasing battery on your iPhone. Hopefully, the above-mentioned methods will help you in fixing the error. However, if you still face the issue, visit a nearby Apple retail store or contact the support team. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How Do I Fix My Decreasing Battery Issues on My iPhone?

Simple steps like disabling power off and airplane mode while charging can help you fix the decreasing battery while on your iPhone. You can also change the cable or charger to determine faulty connectivity mediators. 

2) Should I Charge My iPhone Overnight?

Yes, you can charge your iPhone overnight. iPhone’s built-in systems automatically stop charging when the device gets fully charged. However, you can charge your device two to three hours before bed to avoid damage. 

3) Can I Use Non-Apple Chargers to Fix Decreasing Battery Issues?

No! It’s not recommended. If you own an iPhone and use poor quality or duplicate chargers, then you are going to face some major issues in battery health. You should only use certified cables and chargers to protect your device from damage. 

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