How Much to Fix Water-Damaged iPhone

How Much to Fix Water-Damaged iPhone

So you have accidentally dropped your iPhone into the water, or the drinks were poured on the iPhone instead of glass, and are now looking for the cost to fix water damage on your iPhone? You are on the right page. 

In this article, we have added some of the most common reasons and essential steps you should take if your iPhone encounters any water or liquid damage. Moreover, we have also added the average cost of repairing a water-damaged iPhone here. 

What Causes Water or Liquid Damage on iPhones?

Many unfortunate events or situations may cause water or liquid damage to iPhones. However, in most cases, you can simply fix the water damage on your iPhone.

But still, if the damage is severe and you can’t fix it with simple solutions,, you should visit nearby authorized Apple stores to get your iPhone serviced. Here, we have added some of the most common reasons that may trigger water or liquid damage on iPhones. 

Immediate Steps You Should Take to Avoid Water Damage on Your iPhone

If your iPhone encounters water or liquid damage, then don’t worry! Before rushing toward repairing the store, look at the tips below to avoid water damage on your iPhone. 

  • Power Off your iPhone
  • Remove Accessories and SIM cards. 
  • Use a microfiber cloth and gently dry the exterior of your iPhone. 
  • Visit a nearby repair store. 
  • Contact the Apple Support Team. 

Simple Tips to Prevent Water or Liquid Damages on Your iPhone

Despite getting your iPhone serviced, if you still need proper care and avoid using phone cases and accessories, your device may also suffer severe damage. However, here we have added simple tips to safeguard your device from getting any physical or water-related damages. 

  • Use a strong, waterproof, or water-resistant phone case. 
  • Handle your iPhone with care and avoid direct contact. 
  • Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean your iPhone. 
  • Don’t use the iPhone with wet hands. 
  • Keep your iPhone and other gadgets away from pool or water containers. 

Price to Repair Water Damages on Different iPhone Models 

Here, we have highlighted costs according to the different iPhone models. Remember, the below-added price numbers may depend on various factors, such as the location of the service center, damage, and the model of your iPhone. 

Device Pro Max Max  Plus  Standard 
iPhone 15 $189 $189 $189 $189
iPhone 14 $179 $179 $179 $179
iPhone 13 $179  $179  $179  $179 
iPhone 12 $149 $149 $149 $149
iPhone 11  $129 $129 $129 $129


Finally, we are at the end section of this article, and now you have covered detailed information on the causes of water damage and the cost of repairing the device. Here, the user should know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant devices. Undoubtedly, Apple has claimed to deliver water-resistant iPhones, and users can record videos underwater, too.

However, the device may get damaged if you haven’t protected it from liquid damage. Not only that, but sometimes water may also damage the battery and internal hardware, and as a result, you may encounter water damage on your iPhone. Visiting the authorized Apple service center will help you eliminate the annoying situations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can an iPhone be recovered from Water Damage?

Yes, and the best way to recover data from a Damaged iPhone is by selecting the restore it option; this can recover every data from your backup settings.

How Much Does Apple Charge to Fix Water Damage?

Shockingly, neither the Apple One Year warranty nor the AppleCare Protection Plan covers water-damaged repair costs. So, here you have two choices: either replace your iPhone for $60 to $180 based on the model, or if you have AppleCare+, you can repair it by paying no more than $79.

Will iPhone Dry Out On Its Own?

It depends on the damage; if you believe that the Face ID function is not working correctly after your iPhone is water-damaged, then you need to take off your sim and leave your iPhone unused for 48 hours; by doing this, it automatically dries out all the water damage.

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