How to Recover Instagram on iPhone

How to Recover Instagram on iPhone

Instagram is one of the few platforms that has been growing constantly, and that too at quite a fast pace. Millions of users have been using Instagram regularly for a long time, and now, as everything is changing and updating Instagram is gaining even more followers and new users. But what happens when you can’t access your Instagram on your iPhone? It feels stuck right?

Most Instagram users, especially certified accounts, influencers, and business profiles, are always online, sharing the latest updates and doing paid promotions. Not only that, Instagram is considered a photo-sharing platform, but many entrepreneurs, businesspersons, and celebrities constantly remain active on the platform and share their thoughts via reels, stories, or going live. But What will happen when they can’t access their Instagram? That certainly would be a big problem for them.

Furthermore, for netizens, staying away from Instagram for too long might be an issue for them, as everyone has now been habituated to sharing through leading social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp App, and more.

If you ever encounter similar issues and need to recover Instagram on your iPhone, bookmark this article as we have provided complete solutions to recover your Instagram on iPhone devices. In this article, you will find different ways to recover your Instagram account. Take a look at these steps and learn more about various methods. 

Ways to Recover Instagram on iPhone

There are various ways through which you can access your Instagram account. Here, we will discuss different ways, and even if you have forgotten your Instagram Username and password, we will help you recover Instagram on your iPhone.

1. Login Through Facebook Account

  • Open the Instagram app on your device.
  • Go to “Forgot Password
  • If you already have linked your Facebook account, you will see: “Continue as (your name); click on continue.
  • Enter your Facebook credentials to log in to your Instagram


If you have forgotten your Facebook password, you must reset it first, and then you can do this process. Later, you can access your Instagram account through the Facebook credentials. Also, users should note that this method will only work if you have linked your Facebook account with the Instagram account. 

2. Reset Your Instagram Account

Users who remember their Instagram credentials can easily log in to their Instagram account. For those who have forgotten their ID and Password can reset their password. There are many ways through which we can reset our Instagram account. 

For that, follow the on-screen instructions, and then you can reset your Instagram account. It will ask for necessary information, including mobile number, email address, etc. 

3. How to Recover Suspended Instagram

Sometimes, if Instagram finds that you have been not following the guidelines of Instagram privacy and usage or violating the guidelines then they might block or suspend your Instagram account. Your account might have been suspended, if you have been found engaged in questionable behavior or content or even associated with promoting illicit activities, hate speech, or foul language. 

Not just that, if you have been found associated with explicit language or similar comments, then your account might have been suspended. Actions such as sharing violent images can also result in suspension. Usage of any association with outside applications along with the Instagram app can also result in account suspension. 

Other than suspension, there are various other actions that Instagram can prevent you from accessing. Such actions include you won’t be allowed to follow/ subscribe to any profiles for a certain period. Also, you might be declined the privilege to send messages/ message requests to any other users. 

What is The Solution to Recover the Suspended Instagram Account 

Well, if your Instagram account has been suspended due to any of the reasons mentioned above, then there are chances that you can’t do anything about it. There is no fixed time to resolve this because accessing your Instagram account might take a few hours, days, or weeks. All you can do is wait until your Instagram account is re-activated by Instagram. 

If you feel your account was wrongfully suspended or suspended by mistake, you can opt for an application. Stating that the account has been suspended without any particular reason, you request to look into it. You can submit an appeal form with all the necessary details, such as your full name, email address, Instagram ID, mobile number, and more. 


We reviewed various ways to recover Instagram on iPhone and covered similar issues and their solution. We hope that you found a solution to your problem, and from the various methods mentioned here, you can recover your Instagram account on your iPhone. Each method is easiest and can be carried out by anyone without any further issues. 

We all know how sensitive our data can be, and everything that is ONLINE is prone to be hacked in one way or another. Logging in to your social media accounts through your trusted devices would be wise. Also, you should not share your account credentials with anyone else. If shared, your account might face some difficulties the next time you log in. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How Can I Restore My Instagram?

With the correct account credentials, you can restore your Instagram. But, if, by any chance, someone else who had your credentials deleted your account, then there is no way to restore your Instagram account. 

2) How do I Log Back Into Instagram on My iPhone?

Open the Instagram App and click the “Forgot Password” option through the login page.  Enter your account username/ phone number and click “Send Login Link.” This way, you will get a password login link and then log back into your Instagram on your iPhone. You can reset the password from that link and log in to your account. 

3) How to Recover Permanently Deleted Instagram Posts on iPhone?

To recover permanently deleted Instagram posts on your iPhone, go to your Profile and then click on “More.” Then go to “Settings” and click on “Account.” You can see the “Recently Deleted” section there; click on your preferred category or specific photos and then click “Recover/ Restore.”

4) How do I Activate My Instagram Again?

Open the Instagram App and log in, or go to the website version and log in through the correct credentials, then click “Login.” You will be redirected to your account. Before that, you might be asked to accept the terms and conditions from Instagram before logging in.

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