How to Fix Jailbroken iPhone?

How to Fix Jailbroken iPhone?

‘What is Jailbreak?’, ‘Why Does Jailbreak Occur in My iPhone?’, and ‘How to Fix a Jailbroken iPhone.’ are some of the most common questions many iPhone users ask when encountering a jailbreak on iPhone. 

If you have also faced this error on your iPhone and don’t know how to fix Jailbreak, read this article entirely. Here, we have simplified the term ‘Jailbreak iPhone’ and how it works.

In addition to that, we have also mentioned three methods to fix the error here. So, without wasting time, let’s start with the basic understanding of jailbroken iPhone’ or ‘Jailbroken iPhone.’

What is Jailbreaking on iPhone?

As its name suggests, Jailbreaking allows users to free their devices and software from restrictions in the operating systems. In simpler terms, we can say that when you remove software restrictions on your iPhone or MacOS and gain root access to the operating system, this process is known as jailbreaking. 

Since iOS devices are more restricted than Android devices, many iPhone users often search for the process, solutions, and causes of the Jailbreaking process. Here, the person who performs the Jailbreaking process on iOS receives full access to the operating systems.

How does Jailbreaking Work and What Does it Offer to The Users?

Jailbreaking on Apple devices helps you gain unauthorized root access to core software applications. This process allows you to evade device restrictions and access numerous systems, applications, and tools. 

  • Jailbreaking helps a user to get complete access to software restrictions. 
  • It can give you access to third-party applications, even crossing the barriers of the App Store on iPhone.
  • Users can unlock carrier restrictions. 

Top 3 Easy Methods to Fix Jailbroken iPhone

If you are looking for easy steps to fix Jailbroken iPhone, here we have added three methods to fix the jailbreaking process on an iPhone. 

Note: Before proceeding with the methods below to fix the Jailbroken iPhone, keep a backup of your data. Here’s how to make a backup of your files on iCloud. 

  • Connect your iPhone to a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Go to the Settings from the Home Screen on your iPhone. 
  • Now, tap on the iCloud option. 
  • Tap on the iCloud Backup option. 
  • Enable the Backup This iPhone option.
  • Finally, select the Backup Now option. 

Method 1: Fix Jailbroken iPhone Using Factory Settings

  • Unlock your device and tap on the Settings option. 
  • Go to the General option. 
  • Now, tap on the Transfer or Reset iPhone option. 
  • Here, you will see multiple options. Tap on the Erase All Content and Settings options from the menu. 
  • Enter the password and confirm the process. 

Settings and Fix Jailbroken iPhoneGeneral and Fix Jailbroken iPhoneFix Jailbroken iPhone

Method 2: Fix Jailbroken iPhone Via iTunes

Before moving ahead with iTunes to fix Jailbreaking on your iPhone, you must sync your iPhone to the desktop. Once you are done connecting the devices, follow the steps below to fix the Jailbroken iPhone through iTunes. 

  • You will see an iPhone icon at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Connect your device to iTunes and get access to the Summary page. 
  • Now, click on the Restore iPhone button and follow the instructions carefully. 
  • Wait for a few minutes, and once you finish with the activation, you will see a different screen on your device. 

Method 3: Fix Jailbroken iPhone Using iCloud

  • Connect your iPhone to the desktop.
  • Go to the 
  • Enter the necessary credentials, such as Apple ID and password, and click the Find iPhone option. 
  • You will see the All Devices option at the top of your desktop screen. 
  • Select the iPhone option and click on the ‘Erase This Device.’ 

Wrapping Up

Finally, that’s all, guys! Hopefully, you have completed the details and successfully fixed Jailbreak on your iPhone. Most of the time, factory reset and iTunes can help you reverse a jailbroken iPhone. Moreover, you can also use Cydia to install tweaks on your device. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is Jailbreaking on iPhone Legal?

Yes, Jailbreaking on iPhone and Android devices is legal in the United States. However, the laws and DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) can vary from nation to nation and depend on the country’s policy infrastructure. The end motive of the Jailbreaking process defines whether the act is legal or illegal. If you download and access apps through jailbreaking on your iPhone for a good purpose, then it is considered legal practice. 

  • Is It Safe to Jailbreak Your iPhone?

Undoubtedly, the Jailbreaking process can help you get full access to operating systems and allows you to get apps beyond restrictions. However, it also opens the door for risks such as malware, bugs, and system glitches. Additionally, hackers and scammers can take advantage of unrestricted software systems and use your data.

  • Can Jailbreak Destroy Your iPhone?

In some cases, the answer is Yes. Once you jailbreak your iPhone and get full access to operating systems, it can hinder the internal software process. Sometimes, you may even encounter software glitches and shortened battery life. 

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