How to unsend iMessage on iPhone from both sides in iOS 16

Do you mistakenly send a message to the wrong person when you do not concentrate? Even when you pop your heart out to someone in a message and suddenly realize your mistake? Well, all these situations are quite relatable and can be embarrassing if it happens in reality from your iPhone. Wrong messages often land you in trouble, so if you are thinking about how to Unsend or Delete iMessage before it Delivered in iOS 15 and 16 on any iPhone, we have covered you!

If you do not have an iPhone with iOS 16, you cannot delete it after it is sent. Besides, after being delivered, chances remain that the person would see it in notifications if not read carefully. So, as soon as you send the message, you must disconnect the network using Airplane or Flight Mode. Some people even switch off their phones, which is slow and quite ineffective for this situation!

Immediately Enable Airplane or Flight Mode

One of the most underrated methods is using Airplane mode as soon as possible to unsend an iMessage. However, it is a hit-and-miss game that depends on how quickly you implement it. So, if you are anxious at such moments, you need to have control of your emotions and stay calm.

Follow the steps given below to enable flight mode on iPhone:

  • At the top-right side of the home screen, swipe downwards to launch the Control Panel.
  • Tap on the Airplane icon on the left side of the panel to enable Airplane mode.

For iPhone with Home button:

  • From the bottom of your home screen, swipe upwards to access the Control Panel.
  • On the left side of the screen, tap on the Flight icon to activate the Flight mode.

After enabling the mode, you will be notified to disable flight mode so that messages would be delivered; tap OK on it but do not turn it off before you delete the chat from the Messages app on your iPhone.

To delete the message, you must tap and hold on to the chat bubble; two options will appear: select More and tap on the Bin icon on the bottom left to delete it. Afterward, access the Control Panel as you did earlier to make your iPhone normal and get an active network connection.

If you had done so before the message was delivered, you hush; you are safe now! Further, delete the message bubble from the Messages app to keep you all safe. When you enable the flight mode, it disables all the wireless networks on your iPhone, and so the message not delivered.

Unsend an iMessage before Delivered on a Jailbroken iPhone

You know, when you Jailbreak your iPhone, it opens a gateway of infinite possibilities and customizations.

One coolest hack is the Activator, which lets you do things faster than on a non-jailbroken iPhone. So, head over to Cydia and dedicate a three-finger tap gesture to enable the Flight Mode.

If your iMessage has not been delivered and is sending, use the three-finger Activator to enable Flight Mode. Make sure not to use any other gestures as they might be unaffected. The chat bubble will turn red to the message that is not delivered. Further, delete the message you want to unsend to confirm your action. So, your message will be unsent, and you can disable the Flight mode now!

Besides, SendDelay would also help you by giving you more time. This is because the message with SendDelay’s delivery takes longer than usual. The gap might be small to large, but it is better than conventionally sending iMessage.

Wrapping it up

You can use the flight mode from the Control Panel to cut network connectivity before the iMessage is delivered. But it works only if the message is not delivered by that moment. Further, on Jailbreak iPhones, you can use the feature of the three-finger tap gesture to enable flight mode without wasting any time! Kudos, you have successfully unsend the text message and retained your mark.


How to Unsend an iPhone Message on iOS 16.3?

If the message is delivered, tap and hold on the chat bubble, and options pop up. From it, tap on the Undo sends that will delete the message after it was sent. However, if it is not delivered, you can use Flight mode.

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