How to unsend iMessage on iPhone from both sides in iOS 16

Millions send unwanted messages to the recipients and regret them later. Users prefer to unsend an iMessage on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer. Texting platforms have started to add an “unsend” button. Apple is the slowest in the bunch since they spend time testing the features and introducing them when they are near-perfect. I have covered whether iOS devices and Mac supports the unsend feature, and if they do, how to use them in the tutorial.

Can you Unsend Messages on any iOS?

Apple has introduced the advanced “unsend” feature on the latest iOS version. Users can view the texts on the Messages application. You can find the option in the Messages app.

The new feature works similarly to the competition. The recipient can read the texts on the Apple smartphone, and you can’t erase the memory.

iMessage delivers the information in a matter of moments. Users have to correct the mistake in a few seconds. You can edit the text in the app and correct grammatical errors on both sides. Recipients can view the edited texts and keep track of changes they made earlier.

I have shown you how to unsend a text on the iPhone and iPad.

What Are the Requirements to Unsend iMessage?

Most users know the minimum requirements to use the texting feature on the iPhone and iPad. Apple adds new iPhone customers who are getting started with the iOS device. Give a minute to learn about the system requirements.

Mobile Operating System: Minimum iOS 16 or later.

Device: iPhone and iPad running iOS 16 or later.

Condition: The sender (you) and the recipient (friends or peers) should have the latest iOS version.

Limited Time: IOS 16 allows users to unsend messages within two minutes of sending the text.

Editing Rules: You got fifteen minutes to edit the message and rewrite the text up to fifteen times.

The unsend message feature won’t work if the recipient has an older-generation iPhone or iPad.

How to Unsend iMessage on iPhone and iPad?

Remember, the feature works on the iPhones and iPads running the iOS 16 software. None of the changes you make on your smartphone won’t reflect on the recipient’s discontinued models.

  • Tap the “Messages” from the dock.
  • Open the conversation.
  • Tap and hold the text message until the menu appears on the screen.
  • Tap the “Undo Send” option.
  • The message disappears instantly.

The application notifies you about the action with a “You unsent a message” notification.

How to Edit Sent iMessage on iPhone and iPad?

Update your iPhone to the latest version to enable the feature. Connect your smartphone to an active Internet network.

  • Tap the “Messages” from the dock.
  • Open the conversation.
  • Tap and hold the text message until the menu appears on the screen.
  • Tap the “Edit” option.
  • Make changes to the message.
  • You can correct the grammatical mistake or rewrite the entire message.
  • You got the checkmark on the right side to send the edited message.

Or, you can tap an “x” mark on the left side to cancel the action.

You can modify the message five times in under fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, the recipient can view the edited messages.

Final Words

Apple has added constraints to unsend iMessage on iPhone from both sides in iOS 16. You got fifteen minutes to correct mistakes in the conversation. Ask your peers or friends to update the iOS software to the latest version. The message unsend and edit won’t work on Android devices because they are different manufacturers.

You can use the flight mode from the Control Panel to cut network connectivity before the iMessage is delivered. But it works only if the message is not delivered by that moment. Further, on Jailbreak iPhones, you can use the feature of the three-finger tap gesture to enable flight mode without wasting any time! Kudos, you have successfully unsend the text message and retained your mark.


What if the iPhone or iPad User Doesn’t Use iMessage?

iMessage is an Apple-exclusive texting service. An iPhone or iPad user who didn’t opt for the iMessage service doesn’t experience the feature. You were sending a regular texting message through the carrier service. You can contact Apple customer care to confirm your doubts. Carriers don’t offer advanced texting features.

Can the Recipient Read the Unsent Message Before I Delete Them?

Apple allows two minutes to unsend the message. However, you cannot prevent the recipient from reading the text before you delete them. You can’t do much about the read messages, but you can remove them from both sides. The recipient cannot retrieve the deleted history or information.

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