How to mute other person on FaceTime on iPhone in iOS 16

FaceTime is a great app for video and voice calls. It is preferred for its better image and voice quality over other apps by Apple users around the globe.

In the latest supported models of the iPhone, the special audio system makes you feel like the voices are coming from specific directions according to the position of a person on the screen. This audio system makes you feel like all are sitting in the same room.

It’s generally an app where you can stay connected with all the people in your phone book. In this huge mess of connectivity, sometimes you don’t want to stay in touch with one or more people, and that is why you seek rescue in tech blogs by looking for the answer. Is there a mute option in FaceTime?

Yes, there is a mute option, like every other call setup, you go on the call, and when you tap on the screen. The hidden icons will pop up. Where you can mute the call by touching on the mute option.

In this way, the audio from your side will be completely on mute. No voice will be shared by your end but you can still hear the voices on the other side. But what to do if we are not interested in hearing the other person’s voice on FaceTime.

It happens when there is louder noise on the other person’s side, or you are in the middle of a group call and there is one specific person whose microphone is constantly making noise.

Or you simply dislike someone and don’t wanna hear them out, (don’t worry, it happens).

So let’s get straight into the topic to tell you how to mute someone on FaceTime in any iOS version.

Can you mute specific person on FaceTime during call?

FaceTime does not allow you to mute one specific person from your end.

However, there are a number of ways to overcome this issue in all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and even Windows users. Let’s show you how to do this.

How to mute someone on FaceTime in any iOS Device

If you want to mute one specific person on FaceTime in iOS 14, 15, and 16 then follow a few simple steps:

Turn down the iPhone/iPad Volume

You can mute the voice of another person by the side volume button on your iPhone device. You will not be able to hear the voice of the other person. However, you will also not know when the other person has finished speaking.

Connect Microphone / AirPods

Another great way to mute annoying voices on the other side is to connect your headset or AirPods with your Apple device or iPhone and keep it at a distance from you.

That’s how you will still be able to surf the mobile screen after minimizing the FaceTime call screen and will not hear unwanted noise or voices in the FaceTime call.

How to mute people on FaceTime Group Call

During a group call, you are in conversation with many people at the same time, and in order to concentrate on the ongoing discussion, you need a noise-free background.

Several times one noisy background voice from a single participant can be very distasteful. So in that case, you can personally ask the person to mute the FaceTime volume from their end.

In this way, you will block any incoming noise from that end while that person will still be able to hear all the conversation. He/She can participate by simply unmuting the FaceTime volume if he wants.

How to mute other person in FaceTime on macOS

To adjust the volume in a MacBook during a FaceTime call, you can adjust the volume by pressing the F10, F11, and F12 according to your preferences.

  • F10 key will mute the FaceTime call volume.
  • F11 key will decrease the FaceTime volume.
  • F12 key will increase the FaceTime call volume.

However, it is different if you are using a MacBook with a touchpad where you touch the top right side of the MacBook touchpad to adjust the volume by sliding the finger to the right or left to increase, decrease or mute the volume.

How to mute the others on FaceTime Video or Audio Call on Android

When an Android user joins FaceTime through the link shared from an Apple device. The person sending that must be a user of iOS 14, 15 and iOS 16.

The user of Android opens it from an already installed chrome browser. After the browser opens the FaceTime link and joins the call, you can mute the volume of the FaceTime call in Android through the side volume buttons.

Or you can manually mute the volume by sliding down the drop-down menu and touching on the volume icon. You can either mute or adjust the volume from the other side as per your preference.

How to mute FaceTime calls from someone on Windows

FaceTime can be used in the windows browser. A Windows user cannot initiate a FaceTime call however they can join a link sent through a FaceTime on an apple device.

To mute the call of FaceTime in Windows you will need to adjust the volume options that appear when you drag the mouse on the lower right side of the desktop.

By clicking on this button you will be able to control system volume and the browser volume. There is another option to adjust the volume from the control panel, to hardware and sound, and then from sound to adjust the system sound. In this way, you will mute someone on FaceTime in windows.

Or you can mute the volume by pressing the F6 key to mute the FaceTime volume in Windows.

Final Words

There is no specific option in FaceTime that allows you to mute one specific person during the call. However, with the use of these multiple options, you can put your FaceTime call screen on mute option without the other person knowing it.


Can you end a FaceTime call silently?

If you haven’t minimized your FaceTime screen on your device then touch on the FaceTime app, the options will appear when you touch the opened FaceTime App screen. Among those mute, flip, and hang call options, touch on the end call.

Does the microphone off means that FaceTime is mute?

It’s simply a way when you put your own voice on mute so your side of voice and noise are restricted. You can hear the other side with the microphone off.

Can other people know that they are mute from your side?

The mute and unmute touch settings do not produce any sound during the call. So if you mute someone on FaceTime during a call they won’t be able to know it.

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