How to Fix iPhone Notifications not working in iOS 16

How much you love and care about the people around you is measured by the time you spend with them. Even If it isn’t possible to be around them all the time, you can still stay connected through a number of Apps.

It affects commitment and relationship if you aren’t getting back to them in time through calls, texts, or whatever apps you prefer to stay connected to. This happens because on the iPhone, sometimes you are not getting notifications for texts and calls in latest iOS version. Here we have sorted out 7 ways to fix this, let’s show you how.

  1. Reboot or Restart your Apple iOS device
  2. Ensure you have turned on Wifi and Mobile Data
  3. Turn on iPhone Notifications if already off
  4. Try this if your iPhone not getting notifications until you open the App
  5. Turn off Focus Mode Feature on iPhone
  6. Scheduled Summary (iOS 15)
  7. Reset iPhone to All Factory Settings

Reboot or Restart your Apple iOS device

This one is the simplest way to fix this issue. Sometimes software glitches in the iPhone automatically shut down the notifications.

You can power off the iPhone by going into Settings and then slight down to General and in the menu the last option is Shut Down. Tap on the Shut Down button and then you’ll see a power slider on-screen so drag the power slider to the right side to turn off the iPhone.

To turn it back on, hold the side button. Your iPhone will restart.

Ensure you have turned on Wifi and Mobile Data


Make sure that your WiFi is connected to the home or workplace network.

To turn it on go to the settings, tap on the wifi, then connect to the available network by adding its password.

Mobile Data:

Mobile data is preferred over WiFi as it is providing faster internet through its 3G or 4G services. So in case you are experiencing a slower network with WiFi connectivity, we’ll suggest that you get mobile data to plan to receive all notifications in real-time uninterrupted.

To turn on mobile data, go to settings and tap on mobile data, and turn it on.

Turn on iPhone Notifications if already off

It is possible that the iPhone push notifications have turned off somehow. So to turn them back on. you just have to go to the settings, slight down to the notifications and toggle the notifications bar to open it.

If it is not allowed, toggle on the Always in the Show Preview option. so the notifications will start appearing on your iPhone screen.

Try this if your iPhone not getting notifications until you open the App

If any specific app is not showing any notification, it is possible that its notifications are turned off. So you can individually go to that app settings through these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings, open Notifications, then slide down to open that app, for example, if your Whatsapp is not showing notifications, then open Whatsapp from notification settings.
  • Toggle on Allow Notifications and it will turn back on.
  • In the last step, don’t forget to check the Lock screen, Notification Center, and Banner Alerts.

That’s how you will be able to receive all the notifications from a specific app that was previously turned off.

Turn off Focus Mode Feature on iPhone

Focus mode has been introduced in iPhone so that you can work uninterruptedly. It blocks calls and notifications and you will be able to receive calls and notifications when you turn it off.

  • Fire up iPhone Settings and find Focus and tap on it.
  • Now, click on Do Not Disturb option and turn it off.
  • Now slide down and remove the scheduled time to turn do not disturb mode off.

Scheduled Summary (iOS 15)

In the latest iOS 15, a newer option of scheduled summary turns off notifications for many apps. So make sure it is turned off to receive all notifications.

  • Go to the Settings and then scroll down to Notifications and open it.
  • On the top, you will see a Scheduled Summary option. Tap it to turn it off if it isn’t already off.
  • You can remove the summary from it.

Reset iPhone to All Factory Settings

It is only suggested when all the above methods fail. In that case, you must make sure that all your contacts and media are backed up in your iCloud.

  • Tap on Settings and click on General.
  • Now, tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone and click on Reset.
  • Choose Reset All Settings and enter your Passcode.

Now your phone will be back to the factory settings and you will start getting notifications on your iPhone.


There are some additional issues the iPhone users face related to notifications:

Why my iPhone is not getting Notifications when wearing a Watch?

There are a couple of simple steps to follow to make sure the notifications turn back on.
1. Go to your iPhone and open Watch settings. Tap on the Notifications and turn it back on.
2. If that does not work then you can try switching off your Apple Watch by touching the side button, it would be even better if you turn the watch and iPhone both simultaneously and keep it off for a while. Then turn it on and send a message to check if that method worked.
3. Just like we tried on iPhone by turning off DND mode, the same goes with the Apple Watch, just go to the watch, slide its screen up to show notification options, and make sure the Moon symbol is not on, that is the do not disturb mode.
4. Check that the bell icon is also not selected on the watch.

Why iPhone is not getting notifications from Messenger, Email, or Text?

If the iPhone is not getting Notifications for the texts, Emails, or Messenger, there is a possibility that the notification setting for these apps is turned off somehow.
So to turn it back on, go to the settings, then Notifications, and then check if all three apps have their notifications on by checking Allow Notifications and all the Alerts of Lock Screen, Notification Center, and Banner are checked.
So if the Notifications not working on your iPhone from one person, these method can really be helpful.

iPhone notifications not receiving on the Lock Screen?

It is one of the common problems that most iPhone users face. So make sure that in the Settings go to the notifications and make sure that you have checked on the Always option.

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